The Stryder - Savor The Danger!

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"Savor the Danger!" is a posthumous release from the Stryder. Featuring 7 songs with their original singer, John Johansen, still on vocals. Two songs on the disc are from their out of print 7". A third (previously unreleased) song from the 7" recording session is packaged along with 4 alternate, demo versions of songs that went on to appear on their Equal Vision debut "Masquerade in the Key of Crime". Two songs (My Plastic You & 11:11) feature Chris Conley from Saves the Day on back
up vocals.

Track Listing:
1. Onward Christian Soldier
2. White Spiders
3. Callbacks Setbacks
4. My Plastic You (Demo 2000)
5. 11:11 (Demo 2000)
6. Breathe (Demo 1999)
7. King of Coronas (Demo 1999)