Red Iron Orchestra - S/T CDep

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Debut album from Red Iron Orchestra. Descibed as "raw, majestic, and orchestral (such is the name). A reverb-heavy, head-swimming sound, full of heart; flourished by layered guitars, eloquent pianos, propulsive rhythm. A meticulous setting of subtly luminous and atmospheric wisps and roars."

Recorded with renowned Detroit based engineer C. Laszlo Koltay (Akron Family, My Morning Jacket) at High Bias Recordings at Case Quarter Studios in Corktown, Detroit, MI and mixed at Tempermill Studio in Ferndale, MI by Grammy award winner Dave Feeny (Blanche, Loretta Lynn, American Mars).

Featuring members of Few And Far Between, Charlevoix, Lovesick and I, The Magician.

Track Listing:
1. 17
2. Pavlov's Dogs
3. Klara
4. Dead Lakes
5. Paleo Riots