Few and Far Between - Farewell Sea (Remix) CD

Image of Few and Far Between - Farewell Sea (Remix) CD


Take Few and Far Between's "We're All Safe", mix it all up and what do you get? "Farewell Sea", the remix album. Featuring each song off of "We're All Safe" remixed and re-imagined by 11 different artists.

Limited to only 300, only 50 available online.

Track Listing:
1. Coming To Get You
(Wolf Who Cried Boy - City Lines Remix)
2. Take Control

(Musyoka - Take Kontrol Remix)
3. You Are Not Alone

(Starklove - Howling Fantods Remix)
4. Unexpected

(Dirty Elegance - Unforseen Expectations Remix)
5. Kiss It Goodbye

(DJ Wally - Pish Posh Remix)
6. First Things First

(Rob Theakston - 15 Year Remix)
7. Don't Slow Down

(CT Burners - Hell-In-A-Handbasket Remix)
8. Rewrite

(Animal, Riot + DJ Zodiac - Animals of the Zodiac Are a Riot Remix)
9. I'll Be Gone

(Chuck Buckett Remix)
10. Here It Is

(Patrick Russel - Black Sea Dub Remix)
11. I Am Light

(Starklove - Luminous Beings Remix)